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    • October 16th, 2018
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    Shifting energy from resistance to support during your meetings

    Meetings and conference calls can be deadly!

    Shifting energy from resistance to support during your meetings

    Meetings and conference calls can be deadly!

    Think of all the hours you have wasted yourself wondering why you were forced into a meeting or a conference call. Think of all your meetings where you had the feeling not everyone was sharing their truth or with lots of emotions. Think of all the meetings with low commitment and energy levels (…)

    Project management techniques, IT tools, time management and meeting skills do support us in many ways. However those skills and techniques are not guaranteeing that we will be getting the required support during our meetings. 

    So what else can we do for harnessing energy during our critical business meetings and ensuring we are getting the required support ?

    Want to know how they are feeling? Just ask them!

    From early on in their careers, people are often taught to put emotions to one side. However research suggests that encouraging people to bottle up their emotions can hinder them and their organisation.  

    Organizations and teams where people are encouraged to be open and honest about their emotions establish much stronger connections amongst each other and have higher levels of productivity, reliability and creativity.  

    As a leader you therefore need to assess what type of emotion climate you have within your team(s). You can do it through surveys or by observing people’s emotional responses.  

    A very easy way to find out how people feel is to ask them directly.  The “smiley bar” below is a great tool to integrate into your meeting cycles. You can use the “smiley bar” at the beginning or at the end of your meetings. You decide also on the right frequency (once per month, at the launch or at the end of a critical project …).

    How does the “smiley bar" work?

    Step 1: you make tags of the topics you want to measure. Our preferred topics are energy and collaboration, as they will generate a lot of information on how people are feeling.

    Step 2: You fine-tune your question towards the specific situation you want to measure. You welcome everyone’s input on the topic. Consider emotions as an important source of information. Exploring the “whys” behind those emotions is a first step towards shifting energy from resistance to support.

    Step 3:The team comes to a consensus on the final score on the smiley-bar for each topic.

    How are the energy levels towards this meeting, project or strategy?

    Facilito Energy bar

    How are we working together?

    Facilito Collaboration bar

    Enjoy your meetings with the “smiley-bar” and let’s us know your feedback.



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